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93% of porn sites leak data to a third-party

In a research paper published this week, academics said that 93% of 22,484 adult websites they analyzed were leaking data to a third-party entity, such as online advertisers or web analytics providers. The list of companies on the receiving end of users’ porn browsing habits and sexual preferences includes the ...

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Clean Energy Regulator, WA Mines Department, and Vet Surgeons Board trying to access metadata: Comms Alliance

(Image: Getty Images/iStockphoto) Agencies trying to access metadata when not specifically listed as an enforcement agency for the purposes of Australia’s data retention regime has been labelled as a “serious and persistent phenomenon” by the Communications Alliance industry group. Writing in a submission to the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Intelligence ...

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Apple update kills off Zoom web server

(Image: Zoom) Apple has fired an update to Mac users that ensures Zoom’s controversial web server on Mac computers is no more. “Apple issued an update to ensure that the Zoom web server is removed from all Macs, even if the user did not update their Zoom app or deleted ...

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